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Beco Large Strong Unscented Poop Bags 60

Beco Large Strong Unscented Poop Bags 60

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Big and strong, these bags cater for almost all poop sizes (dog poop, not elephant poop!). Every roll of bags comes on a recycled cardboard core that fits neatly into regular dispensers; the bags separate smoothly and the stickers peel off easily. Anywhere, anytime, you can trust these bags to quickly and easily clean up, so you can focus on the fun stuff.  The recycled cardboard core is 100% recyclable and they also come in recycled card packaging that is 100% recyclable. 

Bag size: 22.5 x 33cm 

About the Brand:  Beco's mission statement is "It’s time to care for our planet as much as we do for our dogs. We’re dedicated to making the highest quality products for your pets, in the most sustainable ways possible. So you can focus on the important stuff, like belly rubs and back scratches." 

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