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Hownd Hero Anti-Bacterial Pet Dog Bowl in Ocean Blue

Hownd Hero Anti-Bacterial Pet Dog Bowl in Ocean Blue

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Voted the #1 pet bowl by Pet Business World in 2019, this antibacterial food and water bowl by Hownd is a superior alternative to stainless steel, ceramic and other unprotected bowls. It will stay fresher for longer, and is the perfect solution for multiple pet households, raw feeders, and families with young children. The HERO Bowl is scientifically proven to prevent the growth of over 99.99% of common bacteria, mould and fungi. It provides effective protection against MRSA and E.coli as well as feline coronavirus and the virus influenza A H1N1. Made from premium recyclable polypropylene in a range of stunning colours to suit any home. Dishwasher safe, non-slip, ergonomic. Safe for cats too.

Small: 18cm (holds 450ml)

Large: 23cm (holds 1000ml)

  • Up to 99.99% protection against bacteria, viruses and mould
  • Protects against MRSA, feline coronavirus, E.coli, and influenza H1N1
  • Easier to keep clean than regular dog bowls
  • Non-slip and dishwasher safe

About the Brand: Hownd is an innovative multi-award winning British pet brand. They create 100% plant-based health, wellness and hygiene products for our precious pooches. Since day one, Hownd pet care has been certified by Cruelty Free International, and is accredited by The Vegetarian (Vegan) Society, PETA Cruelty Free and The Ethical Company Organisation. Hownd say: 'We are convinced that dogs can thrive without compromising the welfare of other animals.'

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