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I Am Natural

I Am Natural Gentle Puppy Shampoo 250ml

I Am Natural Gentle Puppy Shampoo 250ml

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I Am Natural Gentle Puppy Dog Shampoo Loosens tangles and prevents knots, includes lavender oil which soothes and is odour neutralising. It contains natural ingredients such as eucalyptus oil and wheat proteins which help keep your dog’s coat looking neat and under control.

I Am Natural Gentle Puppy Dog Shampoo is PH balanced to help maintain a healthy equilibrium. Use regularly for a great looking dog with a soft and shiny coat with flake free skin. For all breeds and sizes of puppy. Made lovingly in the UK.

Directions: For the best results, brush out loose and matted hair before washing. Wet coat with warm water and apply shampoo onto coat, gently massaging to a lather. Rinse thoroughly, towel dry.

Safety Information: Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water. Keep away from ears & mouth. Should your dog appear to be in discomfort, seek veterinary advice. Keep away from children.

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