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Kompact9 Eco Friendly Retractable Ball Thrower Black

Kompact9 Eco Friendly Retractable Ball Thrower Black

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The Kompact9 Ball Launcher is a lightweight, easy to use, retractable dog ball thrower made from recycled plastic, with a unique cup design enabling you to throw the ball with ease. 


  • Significantly smaller: it’s about 70% smaller than standard dog ball throwers.
  • Environmentally engineered: everything about this dog ball launcher is purposefully designed to minimise the impact on the environment.
  • Happily hygienic: the cover eliminates having to handle that irritating and unwanted dog slobber!
  • The handle and grip use a hybrid design that's the end product of a lengthy testing process, for maximum comfort.
  • Seriously simple: Kompact 9's dog ball launcher is incredibly easy to use and store. The unique design allows the ball to be released easily while throwing, requiring considerably less effort than most throwers and making it completely accessible to people of all ages and abilities.
  • Fits standard tennis ball size (6.7cm in diameter). Please do check as some dog balls are not the same size as a standard tennis ball. 


Extended Length 58cm
Retracted Length 25cm

Material: Recycled ABS

Safety Notice: Please ensure all children are supervised when using the dog ball launcher. Veterinary advice is to limit excessive ball thrower use until your dog is fully grown and to make ball throwing part of a balanced exercise routine for your dog.

About: Kompact9 has been designed by Alex Richardson, who recently completed his masters in aerospace engineering. Yes, he is a real-life rocket scientist. Alex and his family have always had dogs but have always been frustrated by the large and cumbersome dog ball throwers currently on the market. So, he set about redesigning the dog ball thrower, with user experience very much at the heart of his approach.

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