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KONG® Terrain Retractable Dog Lead Medium Blue/Pink

KONG® Terrain Retractable Dog Lead Medium Blue/Pink

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KONG's retractable Terrain Lead is durable and has an intuitive brake system that locks after a fixed distance, allowing you to control the distance between you and your dog. Furthermore, the fixed-eye snap hook clutches to the D-ring on your dogs collar and does not slip away from it unless you detach it. Each of these non-slip dog leads has reflective accents to make them suitable to use at night-time or early in the morning.

Size Guide: 5m in length, suitable for all dogs up to 30kg

Best Bits:

  • Features an ergonomic grip for a comfortable hold
  • Automatically locks after a certain length to keep your dog near you
  • Reflective accents making it great for use in the dark

About the Brand: There is a reason why Poochella UK stocks KONG®(the only non-UK brand in our store). It is often hailed as the gold standard of dog toys, known for its strength and durability. There are no better products for dogs that love to chew! We also love KONG's origin story! KONG was founded in the 1970's by American Inventor Joe Markham. He was working on his vehicle and tossed an axle stop with an attached bracket on the ground. His dog got hold of it and loved it. He was playing with it joyously, much to Markham’s amusement. He said to his friend, “What do you think of my new dog toy?” His friend replied, “Actually, it’s not too pretty. It looks like an earplug from King Kong.” And this was the humble start of what became the classic KONG toy. 

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