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Pooch & Mutt

Pooch & Mutt Mobile Bones Joint Comfort & Health Supplement 200g

Pooch & Mutt Mobile Bones Joint Comfort & Health Supplement 200g

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Pooch & Mutts Mobile Bones is the ideal health supplement for dogs with joint disease or active/working dogs that need a bit of extra protection from wear and tear. This tasty supplement has a whopping 16 active ingredients that promote joint health, including Selenium which may help enable healthy cartilage development, as well as other powerful nutrients that can help slow down the progression of arthritis and minimise inflammation. 

Prevention is the best cure, so look after your pooches joints early on to save on medication/prescription foods later, and help your pooch to live a happy pain free life.

  • Actively promotes mobility and joint health
  • Provides nutrients for bone strength and bone density
  • Saves on medication/prescription foods
  • Has no side effects, ideal for elderly, working, competing or injured dogs.
  • Can prevent certain health conditions such as Arthritis developing as your dog ages.
  • Made by small, ethical, award winning British company Pooch & Mutt

Instructions: Mix the recommended daily amount with your dog's regular food (in one feed or split between feeds). Lasts an average dog one month. Introduce gradually, for best results feed year round. Add to any food.

About the Brand: Pooch & Mutt was founded in 2007 by Guy Blaskey. Guy's family dog, Cookie was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at 3 months old and told that she would need a hip replacement by the time she was 3. Cookie was treated with a natural joint supplement for horses made by Guy's mum's company, Blue Chip Feed. The product worked amazingly (Cookie never needed the hip replacement and led a full, active life for another 11 years), so Guy decided that he had to reformulate it and repackage it for dogs, and so Pooch & Mutt was born. Working with some of the top nutritionists in the UK, Guy developed the Pooch & Mutt food range to not only cut out the junk of mass-produced pet foods, but to include positive nutrition such as supplements and nutraceuticals, to help dogs lead happy, healthy lives.

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